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Storage tents of light construction, perfectly suited for the all storage tasks.


Suitable for standard 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m) high sea containers

Suitable for sheep, horses, other livestock.

Industrial greenhouses for professionals and amateurs


Storage tents of light construction, perfectly suited for the all storage tasks.


Suitable for standard 8 feet 6 inches (2.59 m) high sea containers

Suitable for sheep, horses, other livestock.

Industrial greenhouses for professionals and amateurs


Reliability and high quality

We have more than 10 years of experience in working with tent hangars. Over 1000 companies and individuals have become our clients, not only in Lithuania but also in European countries. We offer high quality warehouse tents, which are manufactured to the highest standards EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and meet all EU requirements. The sheds are CE-certified for EU funding.

These are good reasons to order warehouse tents with us. You will remain very satisfied, and if you need help or if you need questions, you will always be able to consult our experienced specialists free of charge. Our goal is happy customers who have purchased exactly what they need!

Most of our range is always in stock

Service and after-sales service

A range for different climatic conditions


Various accessories for the repair and maintenance of tent hangars

Gates for tent hangars, repair kits for the tent – all this at special prices.


For business

For storage

Companies buy our hangars to store timber, products, goods and technical parts. They are used by garages for their own purposes.

For events and exhibitions

Hangars smaller than 340 m2 do not require foundations or concrete bases and can be built almost anywhere, except on sand or peat. Therefore, it can be a temporary shelter for events, exhibitions, rain shelters, or for storing goods, materials and machinery.

For market or exhibition pavilions

A number of municipalities and institutions have bought our hangars and used them as market and exhibition pavilions. Our hangars have also been used at COVID-19 test sites.


For farmers

For storage of agricultural produce

Our tent sheds are already popular with farmers in many European countries. Farmers often use them to store agricultural produce, hay, straw, grain and machinery.

Livestock, poultry housing

Tent sheds are ideal for shelter from the sun for cattle and for permanent housing. Other small cattle, pheasants, chickens and sheep have also been successfully reared in sheds.

Storage and repair of agricultural machinery

Machinery stored in tent sheds will be safer because it will be protected from different weather conditions. Many farmers have set up repair workshops for their agricultural machinery in tented sheds.


Tent hangars are the perfect choice for you!

If you think that storage space costs a lot, tent hangars are the perfect choice for you!

Questions & Answers


The choice of tent hangar is most influenced by:

  • Area of the hangar;
  • The height of the hangar and the height of the steep wall of the hangar;
  • Height and width of the gate;
  • The shape of the frame (e.g. arched, upright, etc.);
  • Features and complexity of assembly;

What you want to store – the hangar has to be designed for it.

In the Storex product catalogue you will find 9 different types of tent hangars. All of them are available in several sizes, so you can choose a larger or smaller modification once you have found the right hangar model.
Some hangar models, such as NORDA or MARCO, are best suited for situations where space constraints are a problem. EURO or ALASKA are better suited when there are no space constraints and you need quite a lot of space for storing pallets, machinery or livestock.

As a structure, a tent hangar has many advantages. The first thing to note is that this structure is temporary but permanent. This means that the hangars we sell are ready for quick assembly and dismantling. It is possible to relocate it quickly if necessary. At the same time, it does not lose its robustness and is a reliable storage solution.

The tent also protects the objects inside from adverse weather conditions (snow, rain, heat, cold).
A medium-sized hangar can be assembled in less than one day. Of course, the specific duration may vary depending on the model, but it is still a quick-to-assemble structure. Even the largest and most complex hangars can be assembled in less than a week. When assembled, regular or mini hangars can be easily moved from one location to another.

The white tent also lets in daylight. This means that no additional lighting is needed inside the hangar during the day. This makes it a very versatile “cold-type” storage structure.

Although an tent is a low-maintenance, temporary-permanent structure, it should not be completely forgotten. The biggest operational mistake is too lax maintenance or complete neglect of the tent. The tension of the tent should be checked periodically to ensure that it is snug against the metal frame.

It is also essential to close both gates before or during gusty winds. After high winds, strong gusts or even a storm, it is essential to thoroughly inspect the tent to check for loosening. Then, when the tent loosens, it starts to rub against the metal frame and its performance suffers. In winter, a loose tent poses an even greater risk as snow will accumulate on the roof.

Finally, we have a tip from practice. Customers often rip out the zippers of the gates. They need to be pulled down or up and handled delicately. To do this, you need to use a special tool from the tent kit that Storex gives you.

Some structures have a lot of problems, such as the time-consuming laying of foundations. This is a complex, lengthy and costly exercise. A major advantage of tent hangars is that they do not require foundations. If you want to build an tent in your yard, on your territory or in a specific space, you don’t need foundations or drilled piles. The structure is inherently stable and simple enough to avoid the need for any drilling of piles into the ground or laying of foundations. This is a huge plus for any temporary structure, because when it needs to be moved or dismantled, there will be no trace of the hangar where it was. It will also eliminate the need for troublesome or dangerous demolition work.

Assembling the tent hangar is a quick and speedy job. When the assembly work is carried out by skilled technicians, the resulting structure is strong and the tent is taut and ready for a long service life.

The collection is proceeding rapidly. Depending on the size of the hangar itself, assembly will take between one day and a week. The hangar, up to 110 m2 in size, can be erected in a single day, making it the perfect solution for those who have unexpected storage challenges or suddenly need extra space to store machinery.

We will always adapt to our customers’ needs and deliver fast and high-quality work within the quickest possible timeframe. If you have any further questions regarding the assembly of hangars, please do not hesitate to contact Storex Service on the following contact details.

All our customers in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda or other cities and towns should find our hangars of various sizes at a good price. You can contact us using the contact details below and our team will provide you with a quotation that will answer your most important questions and provide you with information about tent sheds and their prices.

We offer versatile products and solutions to offer value to customers interested in low-cost hangars or complex, exclusive solutions. The Storex team will not only make sure that the tent for sale is as good value for money as possible, but also take care of all the installation solutions.

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