Frequently asked questions

All our storage tents come with a standard three-year warranty. The warranty does not cover mechanical damage, i.e. cutting or damaging it with machinery.

The material of the storage tents is easy to repair, you don’t even need to dismantle the hangar or remove the tent. The tear points are soldered or repaired using tent repair kits.

Depending on the thickness of the tent, its durability can range from 5 to 25 years. The thinner the tent (the smaller its weight), the shorter the tent will last and vice versa, the thicker the tent will be, the longer its service life will be.

The load-bearing structure of the tent hangar is made of galvanized pipes. The diameter of the pipes is 60 mm in all our hangars. If the tent hangar is larger in width, a double frame construction is used. The durability of the hangar for external influences and time is also of great importance for the gaps between the arches, the smaller the gaps the stronger the hangar.

All the storage hangar models we sell have two gates, one at each end.

Mandatory. Each hangar is attached to the ground using construction anchors. Depending on the size and model of the storage tent, the type and number of anchors vary.

Heights of rectangular storage tent walls: ALASKA-S – 2.3 m, NORDA – 4.1m, EURO – 3.5m, VEGA – 3.2 m.

The hangars of the same model can be connected to each other from the ends. There is no technical possibility to connect the hangars sideways.

Despite the fact that our storage tents do not have thermal insulation, this problem can always be solved. If necessary, you can partially heat the hangar on your own. You can install standard thermal insulation between the arch pipes – Styrodur®, Isover®, Fastfixx®, Rockwool®, EPS and others. This does not mean that you will fully heat the premises, but it will relatively increase the thermal resistance and improve the working conditions in winter.

Short answer is Yes. The standard gates vary slightly in design depending on the model and type of hangar. However, plastic, sliding or segmental doors can be installed if required.

There are no additional doors in the standard equipment of the tent hangar. We can install standard metal exterior doors on request. The door can also be installed by yourself without any problems.

All tent hangars come with ventilation openings at the front and rear of the hangar as standard.