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Over 10 years of experience!

Storage tents sold worldwide!

Our main goal is to see our customers satisfied and happy.

We offer high quality tent hangars. Our company has been around for more than 10 years, and in the meantime we have built over a thousand hangars across Europe. We are trusted by Finnish, Latvian, Polish, Lithuanian customers, because we offer the best value and highest quality. Our products are certified and comply with EU requirements. The hangars we sell have good quality reinforced tent, which is proven for various weather conditions. They are very easy to assemble and disassemble and the possibilities of usage are very wide. We offer customer support and provide assistance and guides to our clients. We listen to our customer’s needs and recommend only what is most useful to them.

Why storage tents?

More than 2000 companies and private individuals use our tent hangars for a wide range of applications:

It’s long lasting capabilities, high quality materials and easy assembly that can be disassembled if necessary, makes it perfect for both continuous storage and seasonal use.

Why choose us?

Reliability & high

Over 10 years experience working with storage tents made us one of the leaders in the industry. Over 2000 companies and private individuals in different countries have became our clients. We offer high quality storage tents, which are manufactured to the highest standards EN 1090-1:2009+A1:2011 and meet all EU requirements. Our tents have CE and SGS certificates suitable for obtaining EU support. These are good reasons to order storage tents with us. You will remain very satisfied, and if you need help or if you need questions, you will always be able to consult our experienced specialists free of charge. Our goal is happy customers who have purchased exactly what they need!

Excellent value

The price of our tents is one of the best on the market. At the same time, they are very reliable, practical, comfortable, mobile, made of high-quality certified materials, so when you buy our tents, you will win both in terms of finance and quality.

Exceptional practicality

Storage tents are of different dimensions. They will suit both a small farm and a large company. Smaller storage tents are mobile, which means that if you use them to store a seasonal harvest, you can disassemble and put them in a safe place until the next time.

Feedback from our customers

Fast and high-quality storage solution

Carlos Artero Reyes
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I've been using a tented hangar for wood storage for six years now. Three years ago, the awning was torn by a truck, but after basic sewing and gluing, it continues to serve as well as possible.
Cristian Stoica
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I use a tented hangar for overwintering animals in pastures. I keep 28 cows - they feel as good as possible. In the spring, I plan to buy another hangar for keeping sheep.
Roberts Balodis
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Last year we purchased a tented hangar for storing tractors. After that, we set up a small workshop in the hangar, now we only repair tractors there, and we bought a second hangar for storing equipment.
I use a tent hangar to overwinter animals in pastures. I have 28 cows – they feel the best they can. In the spring, planners purchased another hangar to store sheep.

Cristian Stoica



I’ve been using a storage tent for wood storage for six years. Three years ago, the tent was torn by a truck, but when it was elementary stitched and glued – the best it serves continues.

Hugo Martínez


Last year we embarked on several key projects with very short time lines. Our storage facilities are key to our company and required a very short business interruption as well as first class work. Storex Structures provided both and it was well above our expectations.

Paul Jeffrey