Tent shelters for livestock

Tent shelters for livestock

Otherwise known as agro-sheds, they are an excellent and flexible solution for storing livestock or livestock products and protecting them from environmental influences. Farmers and livestock businesses and individuals need structures that adapt to their needs. In addition, transporting, moving, counting or tagging animals requires a short-term but convenient storage solution.

Prefabricated livestock shelters – sheds for cattle and other animals – are the solution to these needs. Storex specialises in the construction of tented sheds and can offer not only standardised solutions at an attractive price, but also customised designs for large farmers or customers with unusual needs – Argo.

Permanent premises are not always a convenient storage or warehousing solution. However, the Argo 16 and Argo 36 animal shelters, with their different heights and internal areas, are both a high-quality and versatile solution. In addition to the animals themselves, you can store feed and other supplies in the sheds

Why choose livestock shelters?

Storex’s Argo canopies are not only useful because they are an affordable and more versatile alternative to concrete structures.

Prefabricated shelters and sheds for livestock will help protect them from precipitation or bitter cold and the sun’s scorching heat. This makes it a good solution for winter, summer or even the more extreme spring and autumn days when you want to perform an important task on the farm but need to keep your animals in a certain place.

The galvanised steel construction of Storex Argo livestock shelters ensures stability and durability. Once the frame is on site, it can be assembled in a relatively short time, just 1-2 days (barring any additional challenges or obstacles). It can also be quickly dismantled and relocated, which can be very important for livestock farmers. In addition, the hangar can be built outdoors or in a more convenient location, so that it is more convenient to move the animals in and store them than to have to walk a long way back to the permanent premises.

When animals are not present, sheds can be used to store grain, feed, other animal products or unrelated supplies.